Selamat Ulang Tahun Gweneth

Selamat Ualang Tahun

January 20 and 
20 things I will always remember about you:

1. Knitting Together

2. Drinking tea Together

3. Watching a movie

4. The bookstore

5. Rustico

6. Yoga

7. Playing the game

8. Our discussion every night

9. Your support for my blog

10. Walking together

11. Cooking together

12. Learn about Batik

13. Halloween dress up

14. Playing with Hayden

15. Your support for my book

16. Amazing HostMom

17. Christmas Gifts

18. Anne Karenina

19. Playing Snow Ball

20. Your smile, your kindness and your family.

                                                Happy birthday, Gweneth!

I hope everyone can see,

What a great mom you’ve always been,

And how much you mean to us

Terima Kasih Gweneth 

Halo, Saya Wawan Kurniawan. Terima kasih telah berkunjung.

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