From Makassar to Charlottetown [Kevin and Gweneth]


How are you Kevin?
How are you Gweneth?

Now, I am in Makassar, Indonesia. But sometimes my feelings back to PEI, Canada. There are many memories, stories that I have in Charlottetown. I commented in your FB, if I will return to PEI to visit you and talk and then drink tea together. I feel very lucky because I can got a great HF in this program. I still remember when the first day we meet at UPEI. You greeted us with a smile, that day I was getting a new family. And also I still remember PIZZA at the first dinner in PEI with Briana and Alex. I was happy that night. 

Thank you Gweneth, to teach me how to knit. Me and Eliot always enjoy knitting together, and now I teach Tismi, how to start knit and make something from knitting. She like knitting,  I think one day she can better than me. I have time with her to knitting together,  with knitting, I can cure homesickness that come on suddenly. I always remember you and Kevin, your family. I also miss playing with Hayden, how with Hayden?


Do you still remember last night with us? 

Dinner at a restaurant and then watching movies and playing snowballs together. Pleasant and sad night for me, that's beautiful moment.  

Sorry, because I never translate my blog in English. I think if you using google translate to know my blog that's not really work. My words in Bahasa sometimes be poetic, so Google can not translate. I hope, I can finish my book and then I can translate in English. So you can read my book.  I will send to PEI. 

Thank you very much because you always give me support to write in blog or book.  
And also your story with Kevin that will be my inspirations. 

Terima Kasih untuk semuanya. 

Halo, Saya Wawan Kurniawan. Terima kasih telah berkunjung.

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